MPD5.5-195 vinyl-insulated male bullets terminal

Short Description:

Model Number: Bullet shape

Type: Crimp Terminal

Certificate: RoHS,

Insulation Material: PVC Insulated Pin Terminals

Sample: Freely Supplied

Special: OEM Service Offered

Feature: Simple Installation

Protection Degree: IP68(with Sealing)

Color: Red Yellow Blue

Usage: Connecting Cable

Advantages: Fast Delivery

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: GCTE

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features:

1. Tin-plated terminal and connector surface
2. The terminal insulation joint and the end insulating sleeve are hard and plastic, and the joint is
beautiful after crimping, and the fixed wire is used
3, The end and joint insulation sleeve is nylonmaterial, the working limit temperature is 105°C
4. The terminal insulation end and the joint are univversal color code distinction, which is convenient
to distinguish the wire range, so that the wiring level is clear and neat and tidy
5. The insulating sleeve between the terminal insulation end and the joint is funnel-shaped, which makes the wire easier to insert.

01 Safety insulated material
High temperature resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant material

02 Tinned plated material
Terminals is made of high quality copper material with good electrical conductivity and good surface tin plating.

03 Tin plating surface
Optimizing copper material, oxidation resistance, good conductivity performance.

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