History of terminals

For components such as insulation terminals, a major trend in its development is actually not the same. In terms of its more obvious for insulation terminals, in terms of its impact on manufacturing is particularly obvious, first of all, in terms of its performance, in fact, that is, customers reduce orders, in addition, in fact, is the vicious competition intensified for peers.
In terms of the current situation of the insulation terminal, we should pay attention to it, in fact, it is also should be cruel today, more cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but the vast majority of people die in tomorrow night this sentence. In this regard, we have to understand that it is difficult for business development, difficult for enterprise

For good products to shape a good brand, let the brand to promote the quality of the products, let the brand for the product to talk", the company is top priority, the domestic enterprises in China at present as countries the industrialization level, industrial products industry is developing rapidly, electronics, communication field increase at the same time, the electronic components industry to develop rapidly, leading to terminal blocks the development of the industry, virtually, No longer the price of the difference, the poor quality of the argument, change is the terminal field staged a no "smoke of brand war.

The task of maintaining the sustainable development of terminal industry is still very difficult. Terminal to break through the traditional framework of the enterprise, do a real terminal terminal enterprise, it is necessary to pay attention to efficiency, efficiency, cost, management, in accordance with the law of terminal industry development to handle things, break through the shackle of the traditional framework of terminal, enterprise system and mechanism, control mode, organizational structure and so on to carry out radical reform. According to the requirements of "accurate positioning, clear functions, powerful control and efficient", we break through the traditional marketing mode of terminal terminal industry. The structural adjustment of terminal industry is the first condition for each large terminal enterprise to stand in the international terminal market.

Post time: Apr-26-2022