Introduction and analysis of spring terminal technology

Introduction of spring wiring terminal technology

Spring Cage Technology is a relatively new connection Technology that uses the Spring's retractive force to conduct.

The wire is reliably pressed on the guide bar in the terminal to realize the electrical connection of the wire. This terminal phoenix called "pull-back spring terminal", can also be literally translated as "cage spring terminal".

Pull-back type spring terminal adopts a novel miniature pull-back type spring structure, which not only greatly saves space, but also has the following characteristics: large area of identification, the largest wiring capacity, flexible plug and pull bridge, the highest grade of flame retardant material.

Large area of identification the identification in the center of the pull-back spring terminal is clear and eye-catching, greatly saving the wiring time. In addition, the outer edge of the terminal is also labeled.

The maximum connection capacity of the pull-back spring terminal series is very generous, even if the rated section wire with tubular insulation head, wire can be very smooth access.

Flexible plug and pull bridge mode Pull-back spring terminals have double row bridge Wells for multiple bridge modes. The bridge parts are 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 bits respectively, which can be used for chain bridge and multi-bit bridge of terminals. By breaking the metal teeth of the bridge, the connection between the separated terminals can be reliably realized. The high current terminal can be connected to the common terminal with a conversion bridge. For example, the connection between ST10 and ST4 or ST2.5

The insulation shell of the highest grade flame retardant material is made of nylon 6.6 thermoplastic material, which can reach the highest grade V0 flame retardant grade of UL94 standard, safe and reliable.

Post time: Jun-23-2022